Hi Duncan, Just a few words in appreciation of the jobs you did on my caravan. I particularly appreciated that fact, as my little old Viscount Nipper is an Aussie van, because I did not realise that you also did repairs to others other than your imported models. Your service to the van saved me from some very worrying times as you repaired damaged brakes with a bearing ready to come apart, plus new tyres. My new fridge is a dream .Plus the other minor jobs done as well. The new vinyl pop top which you contracted out, leaked at the zippers the first time it was used in rain. Luckily it was just a matter of dropping the top down till I got home and came to see you. Without any hesitation you went out of your way to find out just why they leaked. It appeared that the guy who installed the new vinyl did not seal the machine holes. The new sealed zippers now have no leaks, thank you for going out of your way to fix the problem. All jobs were done with care and attention to details something not many tradesmen seem to worry about nowadays. So thank you for jobs well done and I can certainly recommend your work and the very reasonable prices charged for it. Thanking you very sincerely , Chris Corbridge. From Kybong south of Gympie.

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